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A Look at the History of Women Working in Antarctica

The history of women working in Antarctica is a fascinating subject that has been addressed in a number of books, articles and websites. This history includes women from all over the world who have braved the challenges and difficulties of traveling to and working on the most remote continent on Earth.
In the past, women have faced the additional challenges of social, cultural, and political views and practices that often discouraged and sometimes forbid them to travel to and work in Antarctica. These barriers have been challenged and are being overcome by women and men who persevere in the interests of science, exploration, discovery, and human equality.
Today, women are an integral part of the vital work being done on the Antarctic continent by the people of numerous nations.
Here are some online resources where you can learn more about the history of women in Antarctica:
"Stepping into History; Women mark 40 years of working in the U.S. Antarctic Program"
The USAP's news site The Antarctic Sun's fantastic article on the history of women in the U.S. Antarctic Program. Feature includes interesting archive photos and additional resource links.
"A Warmer Climate for Women in Antarctica"
An excellent brief history by Ellyn Hament, from the Exploratorium website - A great resource for all kinds of Antarctica articles & multimedia. Article includes links to further info.
"Women on Ice: Antarctica No Longer a Club for Men Only"
Article by Lisa Ann Williams for website - A web resource for study, travel, living abroad.
"Women and Antarctica"
Classroom Antarctica - a comprehensive online teaching resource produced by the Australian Antarctic Division. (Aimed at grades 5 to 8.)
"Women in Antarctica"
Online resource page, University of New South Wales, Australian Defence Force Academy, Canberra, Australia.
"Women in Antarctica: Sharing this Life-changing Experience"
Transcript of lecture delivered by Dr. Robin Burns, 4th Annual Phillip Law Lecture, Hobart, Australia.
** If you know of other interesting websites or web pages about women in Antarctica you think should be added to this list, please let us know!