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Jennifer Mannas

Jen Mannas is a wildlife ecologist who received her M.S. from Montana State University. She has worked in Antarctica as a Weddell seal population study researcher during three Weddell seal pupping seasons.
Wildlife ecologist Jen Mannas studied Weddell seals in Antarctica, where she spent three Austral Spring seasons based at a remote field camp located near Big Razorback Island in the Erebus Bay area of Antarctica's Ross Sea.
In 2011, Jen received a Master of Science degree from Montana State University based on her work studying the mass dynamics of the Weddell seal population in the Erebus Bay area. As a member of the Weddell seal population study research team, Jen helped continue the research work on this population that began back in 1968. This is one of the longest ongoing population studies of a long-lived mammal. For more information about the Weddell seal population study project please visit