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Sharona Thompson

Sharona Thompson is a Broadcast Engineer at McMurdo Station. She facilitates the television broadcasts as well as oversees the radio station.
Sharona Thompson works as a Broadcast Engineer in one of the most remote locations on Earth! She handles U.S. Antarctic base McMurdo Station's television broadcasts and oversees the radio statio there. At McMurdo Station television is not just for entertainment, but is relied upon by the science teams and all the support personnel for the vital information necessary to plan travel and learn about services available to the community there.
Having worked in the past as a Peace Corps volunteer, Sharona was no stranger to working in remote locations. And her Peace Corps work in Africa also led to her interest in documentary filmmaking. During her time at McMurdo, Sharona has created a number of documentaries including instructional videos used for training there. She has been involved in the McMurdo Film Festival, both as an organizer of that annual event and as a film contributor.